Here you can find information about us in english.

Why the union?

Has a colleague ever asked you to explain why the union is necessary? Have you ever wondered yourself?

How much does it cost?

A common question when discussing union membership: How much does it cost?

Forena's organisation

Here you will find some more information about our organisation.

Collective agreement

Forena has negotiated good collective agreements. Benefits you might take for granted are the result of union negotiation efforts.

Laws to know

The conditions in the workplace are governed by laws and collective agreements. Here is a brief overview of some of the laws.

Salary statistics

As a member of Forena, you have access to our salary statistics.

Unemployment Beneftis Fund

Many confuse union membership with the unemployment insurance fund. Therefore it is important to know the difference.


Here we have gathered some of the most common questions about the membership in Forena. And suggested answers.