Why Forena?

Examples of why membership in Forena is a good idea

Our elected representatives knows the organisation and can represent its members well. It is important during your mandate as elected representative to establish good relations with members, employer representatives and colleagues.

Forena only works in the insurance industry. We specialise in the conditions that apply in the industry and the practices that exist right here.

Forena offers salary statistics and arguments. Forena's members will have access to the industry's salary statistics and assistance in order to be well prepared for the salary review.

The income insurance, which is included in the membership, means that each member of Forena will receive more than the unemployment benefits from the unemployment insurance fund. The benefits from the unemployment insurance fund and the income insurance together give you up to 80 percent of the average monthly income you would otherwise give before unemployment (up to SEK 60,000 per month).

If any of our members end up in a conflict at their place of work, they can get qualified labour law assistance thanks to their membership.

Thanks to Forena's agreement, you enjoy better conditions compared to workplaces without an agreement. With Forena's agreement you get, for example, a working week of less than the 40 hours stipulated by law and more days off than the number of days laid down in the Holiday Act. You receive extra compensation for parental leave and extra high holiday pay.

In many workplaces in the insurance industry there is a local Forena association or club whose efforts are aimed at monitoring and influencing the conditions in the workplace. Through their local Forena, members can influence their workplaces.

Members of Forena can book appointments with Forena's own career coach, get help sharpening their resumes or have their LinkedIn profile reviewed. Other member benefits include training cards, preferential bank loans and insurance offers.