The membership for the first three months is free of charge for those who choose to take out autogiro. However, a fee to the local association may be charged even during the first three months of the membership. This offer may only be used once in a two-year period.


The membership fee to SEK 280 per month. In addition to the membership fee to the union, some Forena associations charge a local fee. If there is a change in income that might affect the fee, the change will take effect at the end of the next month and cannot be corrected retroactively.


If a member's income is temporarily reduced, the person in question may be entitled to a reduced membership fee during that period. To get a reduced membership fee, they need to apply via the website.

The fee will then be reduced starting from the next month. It cannot be corrected retroactively.

Membership fee reduction may be granted to a person whose total gross income for at least three months is lower than the income on which the regular contribution is based and the new income is in a lower part of the income ladder.

Income covers salaries, unemployment insurance funds, study grants (excluding student loans), insurance funds (e.g. sickness and parental benefits) and daily allowances from military or civil defence service.


If a member of Forena retires, they may continue to be a member via pensioner membership. This membership costs SEK 300 per year.


Anyone who studies full-time and has not yet found employment in the insurance industry can become a student member of Forena. Student members pay no fee.

Those who are already employed in the industry and are on study leave cannot become student members, but may instead pay the reduced fee.

The easiest way to become a member of Forena is by filling out the membership application on the website.