The members are Forena. The members form clubs and associations.


Each club/association has a board which is responsible for and manages the trade union activities of the company. An association can be formed if there are at least ten Forena members in a workplace. In large companies with several workplaces in the country there are local clubs, which together form an association. The clubs and the associations have liaison officers, who act as a link between members and board.


The congress is Forena’s highest decision-making body. Congress representatives are appointed by the associations and it is their task to review and approve the activities of the association. The representatives will also discuss and draw up guidelines for the activities and establish action programmes for the coming years. The congress representatives also elect the union board.


Forena’s union proxies meet once a year (apart from the years when the union holds a congress). Union proxies are locally elected representatives and they must serve, among other things, as an advisory body to the Union Board between congresses.


The union board, which has fourteen members, is responsible for ensuring that the decisions of congress are put into practice. The union board has ultimate responsibility for Forena's central collective agreement and for the management of the union's finances.


The secretariat staff are responsible for the implementation of the decisions taken by the union board. One of the most important tasks of the secretariat is to make it easier for the union's elected representatives to manage local trade union activities and be available to members who do not have elected representatives in their workplace.


Forena is a non-partisan organisation and a member of the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees (TCO).

We work with other insurance organisations through the Nordic Financial Union (NFU). We also work with UNI Global Union, which is an international cooperation organisation. UNI has a total of around 20 million members in over 900 member associations in 140 countries.