Here we have gathered some of the most common questions about the membership in Forena. And suggested answers.

Common questions and answers

We only have collective agreements as long as we as a trade union have enough members. Our strong negotiating position is contingent upon a high degree of organisation. By joining Forena, you help maintain the conditions that exist today and strengthen the possibility of improving working life even more. If you choose not to be a member, you will miss out on a decent income insurance and the opportunity to get advice and legal aid. You will not have access to salary statistics or coaching prior to salary reviews.

This workplace has a contract with Forena. It is the terms of our agreement that apply to you, even if you choose to become a member of Unionen.

Our trade union work is founded on the presence of locally elected representatives who can look after the members’ interests and to whom you can turn with all sorts of questions. As a member of Unionen, you would not have a locally elected representative to contact.

If you are only in the unemployment insurance fund, you will not receive any assistance to monitor your employment. Forena can monitor that reorganisations go right, negotiate notice periods and support while you are seeking other employment. Occasionally, those who have chosen to only be in the unemployment insurance fund contact us for help after they have been given notice.

However, union membership is like insurance — it is too late to take out a policy after the accident has occurred.

You will enjoy being a member of Forena even if your working life is trouble-free. Forena contributes to even better conditions in the workplace, gives you insight into salary statistics and peps you up before salary reviews. You have nice membership benefits and the opportunity to contribute to the development of the workplace by being elected as a representative. And your membership can help someone who does not have the same luck with their workplace to get support and assistance.

Forena is the largest trade union in the industry and it is also we who have the highest number of university graduates. Trade union work is founded on the presence of locally elected representatives who safeguard members’ interests. We in Forena believe in and build our organisation around local representation. It is rare to see trade unions for university graduates organise themselves in this way. If you want to be able to influence your workplace, you should join Forena.

As a short-term employee, you are in an extra precarious situation. Forena will make sure your employment is handled properly. We will help you monitor when you are entitled to an indefinite contract or to priority when filling positions.

Being the manager can be a vulnerable role and many managers feel that they have no one to turn to. Forena offers managers the same security and support as it does to other members. In addition, all managers have direct access to our manager advisor and are regularly offered special events intended only for managers.