Collective agreement

Forena has negotiated good collective agreements. Benefits you might take for granted are the result of union negotiation efforts.

Some of the benefits we enjoy in the workplace seem so natural that we believe that we are entitled to them by law. These may include reasonable pay level, right to annual salary adjustment, compensation for overtime work and occupational pension. All of these, and quite a lot more, are governed by collective agreements.

For example, those employed in a workplace with collective agreements receive more generous notice periods than what is stipulated by law as well as higher sick pay and higher holiday supplement.


  • 38.75-hour working week, instead of 40-hour working week
  • At least 25 holiday days + 8 additional days off. Five extra days for those who have agreed to cancel their overtime pay, instead of only 25 holiday days
  • Public pension and occupational pension, instead of only Swedish public pension
  • 90% of the pay in case of parental leave, instead of only 80% of the pay in case of parental leave

All employers who are members of an employers' organisation have collective agreements. There are also employers who have signed a substitute agreement with Forena. In that case, the company is not part of an employers’ organisation, but still wants to apply a collective agreement for its employees.

FAO and Fremia (formerly KFO) are the name of the two employers' organisations with whom Forena negotiates and signs agreements.