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Unemployment Benefits Fund

Many confuse union membership with the unemployment insurance fund. Therefore it is important to know the difference.

The purpose of the unemployment insurance fund is to manage the unemployment insurance and pay unemployment benefits. There are several different unemployment insurance funds specialised in different industry and professional areas. Many unemployment insurance funds cooperate closely with the trade unions, but are nonetheless independent of them. It is important to know that unions and unemployment insurance funds are two different organisations and if you join one, you do not automatically become a member of the other. To become a member of both, you need to fill out two different applications.

Unemployment insurance funds are managed and controlled by public authorities. Anyone employed in the financial and insurance industry can join the Financial and Insurance Employees'

Unemployment Insurance Fund — FFA-kassan. Forena is not in a position to check whether a member in Forena also has a membership in FFA-kassan.

In order to become a member of FFA-kassan, you have to fill out the application for admission available on FFA-kassan's website. When membership is granted, the member receives a letter to this effect.

All questions about unemployment insurance funds are answered by FFA-kassan, whose telephone number is +46 (0)8-791 17 50.